Testimonials from satisfied buyers at
Butte Companies’ The Landmark

Listen to what others are saying about Butte Companies,
and why the new Easy Street Ultra Luxury Condominium is the perfect place
to elevate your Lock-and-Leave lifestyle.

“The amenities offered are great, the pool area is relaxing whether you’re in the pool or not. There are large places for your family get togethers and events within the community.

“When we are in our condo we have no feeling that we are living in a vertical community at all.

“When you’re not dealing with hundreds of units, I think you just get a much more personal project and experience. I think the new project is going to be even better, as it will be more intimate even.

“I think one of the things that doesn’t  get mentioned as much as it should is security. For people who travel that’s important.

“We didn’t have to upgrade at all, the unit was decorated by a designer Ed had chosen and we felt there was nothing more we needed to do. -Mick

Mick is the original purchaser of a luxury condo at The Landmark, Tower Two and past president of the Homeowners’ Association

“We just have so many amenities here that you just normally wouldn’t have. There is a conference room, patio area, pool, sauna, grilling area, just so many great amenities.

“We worked directly with Ed Lewis and his daughter Jamie when purchasing and they were extremely well versed about their property and provided us great information.

“We made a very quick decision in only 2-3 days to make The Landmark our home. We were attracted to not only the location, but to the property  and how well it was built and decorated.

“Its very little worry and very little stress living here.

“Its stress free. – Gene

Gene is the original purchaser of a condominium at The Landmark, Tower Two.

About Butte

Butte is a family owned and operated company based in Carefree, Arizona, known for unique and charming niche projects. We pour our energy into one major customized creation at a time because we believe it’s the attention to distinctive details that sets us apart. Visit The Landmark, our ultra-luxury urban condos located in the coveted North Scottsdale/Kierland area, which combines high-service luxury with the convenience of a pedestrian friendly location to get an idea of the inspiration behind Easy Street.